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No.1388 WuZhong Road

Shanghai. China

Project Manager & Level Designer

The Pixpil Games Stuido

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Work experience


The Pixpil Games Studio

May. 2017-Present  Shanghai . China


Position: Project Manager

Position: Level Designer

Responsibilities: I am in charge of both gameplay & environment art design for the level, also I in charge of the SFX stuff.


The work I do:

1. Design the new levels for the game. (Both Environment art and Level design) 
2. Design and test the New Gameplay Features. (Make Gameplay Prototypes for testing it)
3. Iterating and completing the game-level design. 
4. Remodeling the 2D Art Assets into a 3D format, which the team could be used in the game engine.
5. Paint a Height Map for all the Art Assets in the game.
6. Audio SFX and FX Design management. Communicate with the SFX Team 'HyperDuck' and FX Team. Schedule the tasks and help them complete the SFX tasks for the game.
7. Basic Audio control scripting for the game.(FMOD&Gii)
8. Coding for some interaction objects and Enemies in the game.


The Gapp Lab. University of Utah

Aug. 2015-Jun. 2016  Salt lake city. USA


Position: Interaction designer & Artist

Responsibilities: Medical Use app for cancer surviver. Record their daily health statue.


The work I do:

• In charge of all the visual design part of the project. 3D Modeling, texturing, UI design.


NetEase, Inc. Game Designer Intern

May-Aug. 2015 Hangzhou.China


Position: Game Designer

Responsibilities: Join the Instinct game studio in Netease Games. Working on an action mobile game.

The work I do: 

(1)Brainstorm and design one of game main character's background & skills. 

(2)Brainstorm and design the monsters for the game. (Monsters' Skill, characteristic & background) 

(3)Design and use exist materials to construct a whole new level demo for the game.

Game Developers Conference China 2011

December 2011

Shanghai, China

Position: volunteer

Responsibilities: Helped guests check-in, assisted guests, kept conference’s order. Collected and organized guests information, verified their check-in cards

6th China (Beijing) International Student Animation Festival

October 2011

Beijing, China

Position: volunteer

Responsibilities: Assisted guests, kept conference’s order

7th China (Beijing) International Student Animation Festival

October 2012

Beijing, China

Position: volunteer

Responsibilities: Assisted guests, kept conference’s order

National Original Animation & Comic Executive Training Programme (Game Design Direction)

June 2012

Beijing, China

Position: volunteer

Responsibilities: Assisted guests

University of Utah, Salt lake city 

Jun.2014-Aug. 2016

Entertainment Art&Engineering Program

Master Degree



University of California, Los Angeles 

Jun.-Aug. 2013

Summer Session

Selected courses: Interactivity & Digital Cinematography

Communication University of China

Sep.2010 - Jun.2014

School of Animation and Digital Arts

Bachelr of Art 

Game Design Art Direction



Finalist Award of 2012 Dare to be Digital Competition

Third Prize Scholarship in 2012~2013 term

Third Prize Scholarship in 2011~2013 term

Eight Awards of University Sport Meeting (Sports: Men's 100m, Men's 4×100m relay, long jump, triple jump)





Level design

Narrative design

2D Painting

3D Modeling

Concept Art

Make Game prototype











Game maker

Game salad


2010 - present

2010 - present

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